My family tree research service is based around your needs. From a simple search going back to the mid 19th Century, or a family tree going back several generations. How much do you want to feed your curiosity?


Before searching available records, I will ask some questions about what you know about your family history. Even if you know very little, it helps me during initial searching. Especially if you have a common surname! Ideally it should reduce research time and cost.

When I research, I use Scotland’s People at the Highland Archive Centre, at Inverness or at the National Records of Scotland based in Edinburgh. Depending on the commission I also use The British Newspaper Archive and other sources online and offline – if relevant to the family tree research commission.


With the advent of many people conducting their own research using online genealogy services, I always stress the following to clients:

There are a variety of records that potentially take clients with Scottish Ancestry back several hundred years. However, I have to stress that not every Scottish family tree has a Clan leader, a Jacobite who fell at Culloden, a King or Queen of Scotland.

Many online Trees show people’s ancestry leading back to the great, the good and the not so good in Scotland’s rich history.
However without a paper trail to prove such claims, they are only a romantic fantasy.

And those romantic fantasies let down the real ancestors who are a part of you.


Once research is completed I will provide a PDF or Printed Report detailing my findings. Depending on client commission, my report may suggest other avenues for future research.

Bespoke report presentation options are available. Contact me for further information.

Family Tree Research Fees

Unfortunately, Genealogy does not have a low cost of entry. However I do endeavour to keep client costs down where I can.

My Fees

My fee is £25 per hour plus expenses.
An example of expenses: Entry to archives.
Copies of Documents will be charged at cost.

Travel Costs are applicable if research leads beyond the Scottish Highlands.

How do I start the journey into my Family History?

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